Scholar's Hermitage amid Pines

Noro Kaiseki
Place of production
Era century
Edo Period
Height 124.2 cm Width 49.3 cm
Kyoto National Museum
Noro Kaiseki (1747-1828), whose given name was Ry&ucirc; and sobriquet was Ry&ucirc;nen, used artist names such as Chikuseki, Konzai, and Shiseki D. He was born in Wakayama Prefecture. He studied under Kuwayama Gyokush&ucirc;, who was also a native of Wakayama and discussed the perception of the literati in his books <i>Gyokush&ucirc; gashu</i> and <i>Eji higen</i>. Although Kaiseki later came to Kyoto and studied under Ike no Taiga (1739-76), he was hired as an official painter by the Kish&ucirc; clan in 1797 (Kansei 9). There are very few cases in which literati artists became official artists for the government.

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