Chapter 22 of Myohorengekyo (Lotus Sutra)

Cultural property designation
Important Cultural P
Place of production
Era century
Heian Period
Height 29 cm Width 66.5 cm
Kyoto National Museum
Each character, representing a buddha, sits on a colored lotus dais in this edition of the <I>Lotus Sutra</I>, which is dated to the late Heian period. These volumes in the Kyoto National Museum collection, the ""Nyoraijinriki"" (The Supernatural Powers of the Buddha) and ""Zokurui"" (Entrustment) chapters, are from the same set as the Ryoko-ji Temple <I>Lotus Sutra</I>, Volume 7 (in nine volumes, including the <I>Amitartha Sutra</I> and <I>Samantabhadra Bodhisattva Sutra</I>; missing Volume 6). The margins and column lines are rendered in silver, and the lotus petals are painted in pigments of malachite green, ultramarine, crimson, yellow, gold, and silver.

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Kamakura Period

Important Cultural P

Kyoto National Museum