Tsuru no Soshi (The Story of a Crane)

Tosa Mitsunobu
Place of production
Era century
Muromachi Period
Height 17.3 cm Total length 1014 cm
Kyoto National Museum
Made in a small format that easily fits in one's hand, this narrative scroll has come to be called ""small painting"" <I>(ko-e), </I> and is one example of many such scrolls produced around the time of the painter, Tosa Mitsunobu (1434-1525). The theme of this story is similar to <I>The Crane Wife (Tsuru Nyobo), </I> also known as <I>Tsuru no Ongaeshi (The Crane's Requital), </I> in which a crane, caught in a trap, is saved by a young man. To repay him, the crane transforms itself into a beautiful woman and helps the man. However, in this version, rather than weaving stunning textiles for her husband to sell, the crane wife deflects the demands of an unreasonable estate lord.

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