Bussetsu Kanmiroku Bosatsu Joshotosotsutengyo (Sutra on the Ascent of Maitreya to the Tusita Heaven)

Place of production
Height 29.6 cm Width 508.8 cm
Kyoto National Museum
This sutra, thought to be from the late Kamakura period, was printed onto paper that was recycled and produced again. At the end of the scroll, there is an inscription of restoration bearing the name of Jinson (1430-1508) of Daijo-in Temple and the date of the twenty-second day of the tenth intercalary month of Onin 2 (1568). In addition, a postscript by Jinson's father, Ichijo Kanera, dated the fifth day of the fourth month of Bunmei 5 (1473), makes this an interesting manuscript. It is also a rare example of a sutra printed onto paper, which was reproduced.

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