Jujuritsu (Shisonglu; Sarvastivadin Vinaya), Volume 25 (Teachings on the Precepts Copied by Emperor

Place of production
Era century
Nara Period
Height 27 cm Width 1283 cm
Kyoto National Museum
This is a scroll from a set of sutras dedicated and copied by Emperor Shotoku (r. 764-779) for the sake of ""the first sacred one"" on the third day of the fifth month of Jingo Keiun 2 (678). It is also known as <I>Shomu Tenno Gogankyo (Sutra Dedicated by Emperor Shotoku) </I> and <I>Jingo Keiunkyo (Sutra of the Jingo Keiun Years) </I>. There are two theories on who this ""first sacred one"" was: one theory suggests that it was the previous emperor, Junnin (r. 758-764); another theory asserts that it was Shotoku's father, Emperor Shomu (r. 724-749).

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