Bussetsu Chojashiseikyo (Sutra Offered by Empress Komyo on the First Day of the Fifth Month)

Cultural property designation
Important Art Object
Place of production
Era century
Nara Period
Height 26.3 cm Width 209 cm
Kyoto National Museum
This is one manuscript from a set of copied sutras donated by Empress Komyo (701-760) for the memorial service of her deceased parents Fujiwara Fuhito and Lady Tachibana, as well as to confirm her own faith in Buddhism. Although these manuscripts were copied over a period of more than ten years, beginning in 738, they came to be known as the ""Sutras of the First Day of the Fifth Month,"" because they were dated on this day in 740. From its format and calligraphic style, this set is considered to represent the zenith of copied sutras from the Nara period.

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