Bussetsu Anan shijikyo (Sutra of Anada and the Four Teaching Modes)

Cultural property designation
Important Cultural P
Place of production
Era century
Nara Period
Height 26.4 cm Width 222 cm
Kyoto National Museum
Lady Fujiwara (d. 760), whose given name has not been preserved, was a daughter of the high-ranking court official Fujiwara Fusasaki (d. 737). She belonged to the Hokke line of the Fujiwara clan, and was a niece of the influential Empress K&ocirc;my&ocirc; (701-760). This sutra, containing the entire Buddhist canon (J., <i>issaiky&ocirc;</i>, which includes the <i>tripitika</i> (J., <i>sanz&ocirc;</i>; the ""the three baskets"" of the sutras, precepts, and commentaries), was commissioned by Lady Fujiwara in prayer for the memory of her late father, who was posthumously given the title of Minister of the Left, and for the peace of mind of her mother, who was still alive. This scroll was preserved at Gang&ocirc;-ji Temple in Nara Prefecture and has a round vermilion seal indicating this temple as its owner, hence, it is commonly known as the ""Gang&ocirc;ji sutra.""

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