Kegonkyo (Flower Garland Sutra) with Silver Characters and Indigo Paper, Segment of Volume 33 (Nigat

22 cm 387.9 cm
Kyoto National Museum
This is a segment of a copy of the <i>Flower Garland Sutra</i> (Skt., <i>Avatamsaka sutra</i>, J., <i>Kegonky&ocirc;</i>) in sixty volumes, in silver letters on dark blue paper. It came to be commonly known as the <i>Nigatsud&ocirc; yakeky&ocirc;</i> (""sutra from the burned hall of Nigatsud&ocirc;""), after it was saved from the fire that destroyed the Nigatsud&ocirc; Hall at T&ocirc;dai-ji Temple in Nara on the fourteenth day of the second month of 1667 (Kanbun 7). The radiant white sheen that survived the fire unchanged also gives it another common appellation, ""platinum sutra.""

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