Iconography of the Womb World (Taizokai; Garbhakosa)

Cultural property designation
Important Art Object
Place of production
Era century
Kamakura Period
Height 30.5 cm Total length 952.7 cm
Kyoto National Museum
This iconography depicts various Buddhist deities of the outer diamond section of the womb world (Skt., Garbhadhatu), which is part of the <i>Ry&ocirc;kai mandara</i> (E., <i>Mandala of Both Realms</i>) of Esoteric Buddhism. Since the iconographs correspond with those of the <i>Eizanhon ry&ocirc;kai mandara</i> owned by Daigo-ji Temple, Kyoto, it is known that this iconography represents one of the few mandalas of Tendai Esoteric Buddhism. The fine brushwork shows that the work was made by a very skilled Buddhist painter. At the end of the document is a colophon, which indicates that it was made in 1197 (Kenky&ucirc; 7).

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