Sue Stemmed Jar

Place of production
Era century
Kofun (Tumulus) Period
34.2 cm
Kyoto National Museum
This artifact was excavated from a 35-meter-long keyhole-shaped tumulus of the early 6th century, situated at Hiyama in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture. Archaeological excavations in 1954 (Sh&ocirc;wa 29) turned up numerous artifacts from its stone chamber with side entrance, including mirrors, decorative ornaments, horse fittings, weapons, earthenware, and more. Clay figures (J., <i>haniwa</i>) were also found in the tumulus. <i>Sueki</i> (""unglazed earthenware"") jars decorated with people and animal figures, in particular, give us valuable insight into the daily life of people in the Kofun period (ca. 250-ca. 600). Gold earrings that were made on the Korean Peninsula are also a valuable source of information for the study of cultural exchange between Japan and foreign countries at the time.

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Kofun (Tumulus) Period

Kyoto National Museum