Eaves Tile with Arabesques in Green Glaze from the Imperial Palace of Ancient Kyoto

Cultural property designation
Important Cultural P
Place of production
Era century
Heian Period
Width 34.2 cm
Kyoto National Museum
<i>Ryokuy&ucirc;</i> is a type of glaze, which contains lead and turns green when fired at low temperatures. At Heij&ocirc;ky&ocirc;, the imperial palace of ancient Nara, <i>ryokuy&ucirc;</i> tiles were used for the first time to cover the roofs of the palace, halls, and pagodas. At Heianky&ocirc;, the imperial palace of ancient Kyoto, the roofs of the main buildings, including Daigokuden (""Great Hall""), and the halls and pagodas of T&ocirc;ji and Saiji Temples were also covered with <i>ryokuy&ucirc;</i> tiles. These tiles were made not to cover the entire roof, but to decorate the eaves, the main ridge, and descending ridges of the roof.

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Tiles from the Heian Imperial Palace

Heian Period

Important Cultural P

Kyoto National Museum