Bell-shaped hanging ornament for pagoda (Excavated presumably from a temple site of Ueno, Wakayama

Organization control number
Place excavated
Excavated presumably from a temple site of Ueno, W
Era century
Asuka period (Hakuhō era), 7th century
Item shape
Gilt Bronze
H 19.0, major D of rim 7.8, minor D of rim 5.1
Nara National Museum
This ornamental ceramic roof tile, which consists of one top plate and three decorative side-plates, used to be fixed at the end of an angle-rafter of the eaves and cover four sides of it, except for the bottom side. Each of the side-plates is decorated with the design of a fan-shaped palmetto in a circle, which is surrounded by a symmetrical S-shaped pattern. In addition, the tails of the two long side-plates form the associated cloud patterns. This roof tile is considered to have been excavated from the ancient site of Ueno temple (Kii-yakushi-ji temple). Other excavated objects include gilt bronze bells and old roof tiles. All the objects excavated from that site were from the late Hakuhō period. Among them the roof tile introduced in this article is a rare item. The excellent decoration and the cloud pattern of this roof tile, which seems to be related to cloud-shaped ancones of the Kondō Hall of Hōryū-ji temple, are noteworthy. Same fragments from the same type of roof tiles were found at the site during the excavations in 1967 and 1984.

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