Epitah for Yamashiro-no-Imiki Masaka

Organization control number
Cultural property designation
Important Cultural P
Place excavated
Excavated from Higashiata-chō, Gojō city, Nara
Era century
Nara period, 8th century, Boshin
Item shape
Gilt bronze
Nara National Museum
This epitaph plate was presumably excavated from the slope of the mountain along the Yoshino River, but the details are unknown. It is a rectangular bronze epitaph plated with gold. The epitaph plate is rimmed with a line, and the space between the line and the rim is decorated with the nanako-ji pattern. Three lines of inscription are engraved on the plate which are separated by straight line segment. According to the inscription, Yamashiro-no-Imiki-Masaka from Yamashiro village of Ishikawa county in Kawachi province (today's south-eastern part of Minami Kawachi county in Osaka prefecture) had been serving four consecutive Emperors since the reign of the Emperor Mommu and died on November 25, 728. His wife Kaya-no-Imiki-Akiba died on June 11, 722. Yamashiro-no-Masaka is registered in the census compiled in 721, which is kept in the Shōsō-in treasure house. It is conceivable that his wife's bones were moved into Masaka's tomb after he had died.

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