Segment of Wakan roei shu Poetry Anthology In large script

Organization control number
Cultural property designation
Important Art Object
Attributed to Fujiwara no Kozei (972-1027)
Era century
Heian period, 11th century
Item shape
Ink on decorated paper
Gift of Ms. Morita Chikuka
Tokyo National Museum
This segment is from a transcription of the Wakan roei shu poetry anthology, written onto paper dyed in light shades of indigo, brown, purple, and green, and sumptuously decorated with mica and flakes of gold and silver. It was brushed by the same calligrapher who made a transcription of the Kokin waka shu poetry anthology (preserved among the “Koya gire” segments) that is now considered a masterpiece of Japanese calligraphy from the Heian period (794–1192). The characters, although unusually large, are elegant and refined.(160823_h21_藤原行成)